Masao Miwa, Lived 50 years in Asia
Yes. I have lived on and off about half my time in China over the last 20 years. I have never been mistreated and because I am a senior, I find young Chinese very, very respectful and helpful.


When I lug my baggage up or down stairs, someone will come to my aid to help, boy or girl, whoever thinks I am having a problem. When I board a bus or metro, most, not all, young people will give up their seat to you. Sometimes, sometimes a bus conductor will tell someone to give up their seat…….


When in China, my home base is Shenzhen, Shenzhen is a relatively new city with an average age of citizens around 30 or so. To get around, seniors can get a ‘senior card’. Remember I am not a Chinese citizen. With that card, I can ride the bus or metro for free. All theme parks are free, and once in a while there are special events for seniors.