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I''m currently living in Shanghai and thought this sub might be interested in what it is like here right now.


One word comes to mind: Eerie. It is a total ghost town. Which is very odd for for a city of 25+ million people. There is no one on the street, there are almost no cars - save for a couple of buses and taxis and an occasional electric bike.


Grocery stores and convenience stores are still open and fairly well stocked. Except with masks. It is very hard to find quality masks here. In the last two trips to the store, I have only seen child sized masks and masks that are not rated for virus particles. The rest are all sold out. However, supplies are coming in, stores say they stock daily, but get sold out very quickly.


Many restaurants and retail stores are closed. The Shanghai government has asked all business not to resume work - or at least require work from home if applicable - until Feb. 9. I''m not sure when business will return to normal. I will say that I have a KFC in the ground floor of my building - it''s remained open and I''m very thankful they have haha.


I''m happy to take any questions and do my best to answer them. Note: I''m not a doctor or in the medical profession at all, so I won''t be able to answer anything specific about the virus.


EDIT: This is my first Chinese New Year in the city, so it''s possible the holiday is the reason for it to be like a ghost town. My local friends, who have been here for years, say it gets quiet for CNY, but they''ve never seen it like this. I''ll try to venture out to a different district and see if things are a little more lively.


EDIT/upxe 1: I went out this evening, close to Xintandi - it is a very popular night time hangout spot, especially for expats. A lot of western style restaurants, bars, and pubs. I didn''t go into the main section of Xintandi because I didn''t want to put myself at unnecessary risk. As some are saying on this thread, it was a little more lively than the area I''m usually in, but it was still extremely quiet for Xintandi. 95% of people I saw were wearing masks. There''s a giant Tiffany jewelry store in the area, I saw a couple taking pictures with the outdoor display. Some restaurants were open, but closing early, others were completely closed. I used a Didi - chinese version of uber - they are requiring both drivers and riders to be wearing masks at all times.


In confirmed cases news, Shanghai is reporting 16 new ones this evening, bad news in the report is that 2 of these new cases do not seem to have a connection to Hubei/Wuhan. No travel to the province, no relations with anyone who lives or recently traveled to the province, and no known close contact with any of the infected. Marking the first cases in Shanghai without either recent travel to the epicenter or known close contact with an infected person.